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    Lightcurve Approved Modems (not for use on the Click! Network in Tacoma).

    Lightcurve approved modems (not for use on the Click! Network in Tacoma).


    The cable modem must be DOCSIS compatible; however, even if a cable modem is DOCSIS compatible doesn’t guarantee it will work properly with our system.

    If you are not leasing or purchasing your cable modem from Lightcurve, we recommend you bring the modem into our office prior to installation so we can verify compatibility.

    Always make sure you can return your cable modem to where you purchased it in case it turns out to be incompatible.

    Below is a list of some models that customers have used successfully on our system. Keep in mind that even if it is the same brand and model, the manufacturer may have changed hardware or software for the modem which can affect compatibility.

    Arris-wired SB6183 3.0
    Arris-wired CM820a 3.0
    Arris-wired TM822 3.0
    Arris-wired CM3200 3.0
    Arris-wireless SBG6580 3.0
    Arris-wireless SBG6700-AC 3.0
    Arris-wireless SBG6782-AC 3.0
    Arris-wireless SBG6900-AC 3.0
    Motorola-wired SBG6180 3.0
    Motorola-wireless SBG6580 3.0
    Motorola-wired MB8600 3.1
    Arris-wired SB8200 3.1

    ​If you are a Click! Network customer, please refer to their list of approved modems

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