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    Hey Neighbor!

    We are excited to announce that Lightcurve has completed the acquisition of Consolidated Communications in Ellensburg, Selah, Yelm, and surrounding service areas.

    Welcome to the Lightcurve family! We’re thrilled to have you with us. We’ve got big plans to make your experience smoother, faster, and just plain awesome.

    Now that the acquisition is complete, we are working to transition your account over the next couple of months:

    Nothing has changed at this time in support of your account. Continue to call Consolidated Communications for any of your support needs while we are adding you to our systems.

    Once we have converted your account to our systems, we will notify you on your new support team and tools. Watch your mail and email for updates from Lightcurve.

    As a company with roots in rural Washington, we are elated that all of the local operations team remains unchanged and will be joining Lightcurve.

    So, what can you expect as a new Lightcurve customer, and particularly after we have migrated all the systems and operations to Lightcurve?

    World-class Service
    and Support

    Nothing has changed at this time in support of your account. Continue to call Consolidated Communications for any of your support needs while we are adding you to our systems.

    New Tools

    Get ready for some seriously cool stuff. We’re talking about a SmartHub app to manage your account, pay your bill, ask a question; online upgrades, and more fiber in your community.

    More Choices,
    More Flexibility

    As a Lightcurve customer, you will soon have access to many of our services, including internet, phone, and teams that are always nearby when you need us.


    We know change can sometimes be a bit bumpy, but we’re here to make sure this transition is as smooth as possible for you. Sit back, relax, and let us take care of the rest, we will notify you of any actions you need to take over the next couple of months.

    Now, a little about who we are

    For more than 100 years, Lightcurve has been the source for quality connectivity in the Pacific Northwest. We keep reinventing ourselves to find new ways to connect you to what matters most. And we’ve always remained true to the vision of investing in our community. We live and work here, where you are. We’re nearby.

    You can count on Lightcurve to connect your whole world. With an array of speed and pricing options, you never have to compromise on what you want.

    Welcome to Lightcurve!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What changes will there be to my service?
    As of today, you will receive the same service you have been receiving from Consolidated Communications. We expect that with added investment, over time high-speed internet service will expand and improve.
    Will there be new services? What are they?
    Lightcurve seeks to make meaningful investments in the network and service capabilities. We will continue to launch products and services that are valued by our customers.
    Will my price stay the same? What will happen to costs? Will a new company charge more?
    At the time of transition to Lightcurve, your prices and service will not change. At Lightcurve we know we must create value for you, and we are committed to doing so. We think our future products will be price competitive and a great fit for your internet and phone needs. We pride ourselves on being trustworthy - no contracts, no data caps, no surprises!
    Who do I call for technical support?
    Lightcurve has a team of employees who are dedicated to serving our customers. Our exceptional commitment and service to our customers means you can expect to experience improved support in Ellensburg, Selah, Yelm, and surrounding service areas. Lightcurve offers 24/7 support, and we will share our support numbers with you once we complete our systems migration. For now, please continue to call your support team at Consolidated Communications at 844.968.7224.
    Is there a change to my bill due date?
    Yes, it is likely you will have a new bill due date. We are currently working to migrate your account into the Lightcurve system. We will be reaching out to provide additional updates and information specific to your account in the coming weeks.
    Where will I go to pay my bill?
    We expect to offer you easier and simpler ways to pay your bill and do business with Lightcurve. Look for more information on billing changes in the coming weeks.
    Will I notice a transition to a new owner in my service?
    We hope you will see a marked improvement in your service experience. Of course, initially you will continue to receive the same service you have been receiving. Once the systems migration is complete, you will notice your bills coming from Lightcurve, a new account portal, and new phone numbers to call for support. Don’t worry, we will be sending you letters and emails to walk you through the changes.
    Will there be an interruption to my service?
    No, your service will continue as it is today. There will be no interruption to your service as a result of this transaction.
    What will happen to my contract?
    Nothing. Currently, there are commercial accounts with contracts that will seamlessly transition to Lightcurve, but residential customers are not required to have contracts.
    Lightcurve - Ultra-Fast, Reliable Internet for Home or Business
    Rainier Connect is now Lightcurve!

    New name, new look,
    same great service.