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    From Rainier Connect to Lightcurve

    Rainier Connect is now Lightcurve™

    We all rely on the internet for so many things. Whatever you want to do online, it’s possible in your connected home or workplace. Stream binge-worthy shows and your favorite live sports. Work remotely or go to school in a virtual classroom. Socialize, shop, play video games. Run your cloud applications, enable remote workers, manage your supply chain. All it takes is fast, reliable, and secure internet service.

    For more than 100 years, Rainier Connect has been your source for quality connectivity in the Pacific Northwest. We keep reinventing ourselves to find new ways to connect you to what matters most. And we’ve always remained true to the vision of investing in our community. We live and work here, where you are. We’re nearby.

    Today we’re taking a big leap forward in what we offer to homes and businesses. We’re expanding our fiber optic network into neighboring counties, bringing Gigabit-speed internet to many people for the first time. We’ve renamed ourselves Lightcurve as a nod to how we deliver rock-solid connectivity on the fastest fibers. But world-class technology means nothing without world-class care. That’s why you’ll continue to receive the same trustworthy service and support from people nearby, with no surprises or strings, no kidding.

    You can count on Lightcurve to connect your whole world. With an array of speed and pricing options, you never have to compromise on what you want. Welcome to Lightcurve.

    Lightcurve - Ultra-Fast, Reliable Internet for Home or Business
    Rainier Connect is now Lightcurve!

    New name, new look,
    same great service.