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    Low Cost Internet Plans Tailored for Seniors on Social Security

    Low Cost Internet for Seniors | Lightcurve

    It’s no secret that internet access is essential for navigating our day to day lives. However, the cost of internet access can be a significant burden, especially for seniors on a fixed income like Social Security. But the internet allows us to stay connected with loved ones, access important information and services, and enjoy streaming and entertainment. So, how can seniors on social security enjoy the luxury of fast internet speeds without completely breaking the bank?

    Good news is, there are government programs and initiatives designed to help low-income households—including seniors on Social Security—access affordable internet plans. We’ll cover all the essentials so you can benefit from the best low cost internet options.


    Needs of Seniors on Social Security

    Seniors on Social Security share a unique set of needs that need to be addressed to enhance their quality of life. They can significantly benefit from high-quality internet access to assist with this.


    Financial Security

    Seniors may need help planning and managing their money while also navigating the complexity of government programs, like Medicare, Medicaid, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

    The internet allows seniors to access information and resources to better manage their money, such as budgeting tools and investment advice, and allows them to more easily navigate the complexities of Medicare, Medicaid, and SSI so they receive all the financial assistance they are entitled to.


    Health and Wellness

    As we age, we face an increased risk of chronic health conditions requiring access to affordable healthcare services, medication management assistance, and healthy food options. On top of physical health woes, mental health concerns with age, like social isolation and depression, are also common, increasing the need for mental health services.

    Plus, planning for long-term care can be a significant financial burden, and seniors may need help exploring options and securing funding.

    Having reliable internet gives seniors the opportunity to find information on chronic conditions, locate affordable healthcare services, and research medication management techniques. Opportunities to find mental health services and online support groups are also possible.


    Transportation Access

    Limited mobility and accessibility issues can make it difficult for seniors to get out and about. Transportation assistance programs or ride-sharing services can help them stay connected to essential services and social activities.

    The internet allows them to research and utilize ride-sharing services or find transportation assistance programs, helping them stay engaged in social activities and reach essential services.


    Overview of Low-Cost Internet Options

    Our federal government knows the importance of quality internet access for all Americans. That’s why they offer a program called Lifeline, offering discounts for low income households, including seniors on Social Security.

    Eligibility for these programs is based on income and not directly tied to Social Security. But for seniors on Social Security, that will be factored in with your total household income.


    Important note: In 2021, the federal government launched the Affordable Connectivity Program as a way to deliver broadband internet to low income, qualifying households. This program is now winding down due to lack of additional funding and will end after May 2024 (unless additional funding is approved by Congress).



    The Lifeline program offers a discount on monthly phone or internet service for qualifying low-income individuals. The discount amount varies by location and provider, but can significantly reduce your internet costs. Lifeline can be especially helpful for seniors by making internet more affordable and allowing them to choose between phone or internet service based on their needs.

    Lightcurve offers the Tacoma Lifeline Program that reduces your monthly internet bill if your household income falls below a certain level (135% of Federal Poverty Guidelines) or if you participate in specific programs like Medicaid or SNAP.  We offer a 55/10 mbps (download/upload) internet plan for only $9.95 per month with a free modem lease for those who qualify for Lifeline.

    Learn more about Lightcurve’s Tacoma Lifeline Program here. (It’s just one of the many reasons why we’re the best internet provider in Tacoma!)


    Overcoming Technological Barriers

    Seniors on Social Security may face hurdles using the internet. They might lack prior experience, find navigating technology complex, or struggle with physical limitations. Affordability and security concerns also make an older population hesitant to trust the internet.

    For seniors who are open to solutions, there are plenty including:

    • Libraries and community organizations offering digital literacy training specifically designed for seniors. 
    • User-friendly devices like tablets and assistive technologies helping to overcome physical limitations.  
    • Government programs like Lifeline making internet access more affordable. 
    • Support from loved ones and showing the practical benefits of the internet can motivate seniors to embrace the digital world. 


    Seniors on Social Security most likely have enough to worry about. The internet is a necessity and quality internet access shouldn’t be a concern for anyone. If you’re interested in Lightcurve’s low cost internet plans, check us out and let us help you get affordable and reliable internet.


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