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    Best Internet Provider Tacoma

    Why Lightcurve is the Best Internet Provider in Tacoma

    Internet access is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. It’s just not possible to get away with slow internet speeds and unreliable service anymore, at least not in our fast-paced digital landscape. We at Lightcurve know that whether you’re a casual web browser, a file-storing fanatic, a data-hungry gamer, or a Monday to Sunday streamer, you deserve a plan that delivers high-speed internet with all the features you want while not emptying your wallet.

    Unlike some providers, we don’t nickel and dime you with hidden fees or surprise charges. Our plans are straightforward and transparent so you know exactly what you’re paying month-to-month. We don’t just meet your internet needs, we surpass them. As a local company servicing the Greater Tacoma region, we know what it means to embody customer loyalty. We’ll always answer our phones because automated customer service menus bug us too.


    Unmatched Speed and Reliability 

    We’re confident in our superior high-speed internet service plans. So much so, we call them “blazing fast.” All we care about is that you have the best internet speeds for your streaming, web browsing, gaming, and remote working needs.


    Here’s what we offer:

    1 Gig High-Speed Internet Plans

    Lightcurve’s 1 Gig internet plan delivers the ultimate high-speed experience. No data cap means your whole family can stream, game, work, and browse all at once, without worrying about a limit. Upload speeds of up to 20 Mbps ensure smooth video calls and file sharing, while download speeds reaching 1 Gigabit per second make everything from online gaming to large file downloads blazing fast. Connect 11 or more devices with confidence knowing we have the power to keep you online.

    Check out our 1 Gig High-Speed internet plans here.


    High-Speed Fiber Internet Plans

    Our ultra-fast and reliable fiber optics plan is available for Washingtonians in select Tacoma, Puyallup, and Graham neighborhoods. (Be sure to check out our availability for your home here.) All three tiers offer upload speeds of up to 20 Mbps and can support multiple devices simultaneously. 

    Check out our High-Speed Fiber internet plans here.


    Low Cost Internet Plans

    Internet can be expensive. We get it. So, we created the Tacoma Lifeline Program to make monthly internet service more affordable for eligible subscribers. It starts at $9.95 a month for people who qualify for government assistance programs or have a low income. With speeds of 55/10mbps, you can browse, stream, and stay connected all at an affordable price. Plus, we include a free modem for you to lease.

    Check out our low cost internet plans here.


    Personalized Customer Service and Support

    We believe in treating every customer like a neighbor, not a number. Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives take the time to understand your needs and internet habits to provide exceptional customer service. It’s simple in our minds: an unwavering commitment to customer service means you have the best experience with your internet and with Lightcurve.

    When you call us, we’ll get to know your unique internet usage patterns and preferences—because everyone’s different—and provide proactive support to set you up with a great plan, address any technical issues you have, or accept feedback to better our company.

    Learn more about all our internet plans—including 1 Gig, fiber, and low cost—today and see which plan is right for you. Click here for all your information.

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