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    Updating Your Email Passwords

    Request to Update Password from Rainier Connect: First, we would like to apologize for an earlier request that was sent to your email requesting a password change before November 8th. That communication was not up to Rainier Connect standards and we are working internally to make sure that all of our communication with you has the same look and feel, making it more easily distinguishable from junk or spam mail.

    Updating Your Passwords Protects Your Information

    Let’s be honest, passwords are annoying. These days, it seems like we need a password for everything and it often connects us with multiple tools (i.e. home computer, work computer, tablet, smart phones).

    While we may find them annoying, and even take them for granted, we need to remember why passwords are important: passwords are often the first (and possibly only) defense against intrusion to our accounts and private information. They protect information we don’t want anyone and everyone to know.

    Why Change a Password that Currently Works?

    We want to help make sure your information is secure. As our technologies become easier to use, so do the tools the criminals use to crack passwords. The new updated password requirements can be more difficult for you to remember, but they will also be harder for others to crack.

    How to Choose Good Passwords

    In general, when selecting strong passwords you want to avoid using personal information, proper nouns, dictionary words, and short or simple passwords. Below is our new policy-for updating your passwords to help keep your email account as secure as possible.

    Make Password Update Part of Your New Year Resolution

    • The password must be 8-20 characters and cannot start or end in a space
    • The password must contain at least one of these characters:


    • The password must contain at least one digit [0-9]
    • The password must contain at least one upper and one lower case letter
    • The password must not match your login name or email address

    Please log into your webmail anytime to update your password: Your current password will not expire on November 8th as our original email stated, but we encourage to make this change as soon as possible to help keep your account secure. Once you update your password, you will need to update all devices that are connected to your email account. For many of you that includes smart phones, tablets, and multiple computers. We understand this can sometimes be difficult and encourage you to call our support line if you need assistance. You can also find directions to some devices on our Support Pages.

    Business customers who have copiers that also scan and send digital images via email may also need to reconfigure these copiers with the updated password. If you do not have your user manual for these devices handy, many of these can also be found online or by contacting your equipment vendor.

    If you need assistance logging into your account and changing the password, please call Customer Care at (253) 683-4100 or (360) 623-4357 when you have Internet access and we can help walk you through the process.

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