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    Setup an FTP Client

    Instructions on how to setup an FTP Client.


    In order to publish your website you will need to setup an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client. We recommend FileZilla to get your feet wet. You can download it for Windows,Mac OSX, and Linux here Filezilla Download

    Site Manager & Connecting

    1. Go to the menu and select File -> Site Manager
    2. Click the New Site button
    3. Right Panel -> General Tab:
      • Host: Enter your domain name. ie For us it would be
      • Login Type: Change this to Normal
      • User: Enter your domain name again. ie
      • Password: Enter your website password
    4. Right Panel -> Advanced Tab
      • Default Local Directory: Click browse and select the directory on your computer that contains your website files
      • Default Remote Directory: Type in /public_html
      • Leave everything else default and click Connect
    5. That’s all there is to it! Next time you open FileZilla you just go to File -> Site Manager, select your site and click connect

    What now?

    So now that you are connected to your website it’s time to upload (update files on your site) your website. The left panel is your local computer and the right side is your server. Anything you put on the right side will be uploaded to your website. You can drag and drop files or directories between the panels to transfer files. Once you upload your website make sure your default page is named index.html. This will be the page that’s displayed when someone just goes to your domain without specifying a file ie

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