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    Picture is distorted, fuzzy, or snowy – Cable TV Issues

    Picture is distorted, fuzzy, or snowy – Cable TV Issues


    • Make sure your TV and VCR are tuned to the correct channel. In most cases, this is channel 3. If there is still no picture, try channel 4 and channel 2.
    • Check your cable connections. Make sure the connections on the cable box, TV, and VCR are finger-tight. Make sure that the cable connected at the wall outlet is not loose or frayed.
    • Make sure the Video and RF cables are connected to the correct ports on the set-top box, VCR, DVD, and TV. (See Connection Diagrams in the Technical Support area of this website.).
    • If you have a VCR , push or switch the TV/VCR button to put the VCR in the TV mode. If none of these steps fixed the problem, then perhaps the TV signal or equipment is not working properly. Please contact Rainier Connect for assistance.
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