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    Choosing POP3 vs. IMAP when setting up Email Clients

    Choosing POP3 vs. IMAP when setting up Email Clients


    POP3 vs. IMAP

    POP3 also known as Post Office Protocol, delivers all the mail from the server to your email client in a one-time pop.  POP3 by default deletes the message from the server after delivering the messages to your email client on your computer.  You can choose to leave a copy of the message on the server to be accessed at another time by another device such as your phone.  There is no two-way synchronization between your device and the mail server.


    -A local copy of your email on your actual computer

    -Emails do not fill up your Webmail sever box


    -No remote copy

    -All mail is stored in one and only one place

    IMAP also known as Internet Message Access Protocol, is a true two-way email management, any changes made in the IMAP client will synchronize with the server.  This means that any email read on your email client will automatically appear as read when you check  your account later via Webmail or on your desktop computer.  Any messages or folders you read, move, or delete will be updated across all devices, so if you delete a message from a device such as your phone, it will be deleted from the server. No matter which client you use, you will see the same inbox, with the same settings.  IMAP also supports offline use, so any changes made without an Internet connection will be updated when you connect to the server again. All messages are permanently stored on the server until purposely deleted.


    -You can keep a local archive and be assured that a copy exists on the server

    -You can access your email from any device with ease


    -If you have limited space on the server Webmail, the Webmail box will fill up and messages to you may start bouncing back to the senders

    -You need to be vigilant about checking your Webmail to ensure it does not fill completely up

    When setting up an email client on your computer, keep these options in mind when you are asked whether you want to set your email up as POP3 or IMAP.

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