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    Telecommunications Acceptable Use Policy

    Rainier Connect Telecommunications Acceptable Use Policy

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    This Acceptable Use Policy is designed to provide information about Rainier Connect’s telecommunications service and the expectations and conditions that customers subscribing to that service must meet.

    As a general rule, the rules for customer conduct are spelled out in Rainier Connect’s tariff and price list. The tariff applies to customers that Rainier Connect serves as an incumbent local exchange carrier or ILEC. These customers reside in the Eatonville and Kapowsin areas. The tariff can be found at The tariff is also available at Rainier Connect’s business office in Eatonville.

    Rainier Connect’s price list applies to all customers outside of the Eatonville and Kapowsin areas that Rainier Connect serves as a competitive local exchange carrier or CLEC. The price list is available at

    Certain rules of conduct are also contained in the regulations adopted by the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission. Those rules are contained in Chapter 480-120 WAC. You can access these rules at the Commission’s website

    Disconnection of Service

    Your subscription to Rainier Connect’s telecommunications service is subject to being disconnected if you use the service to engage in any of the following activities:

    • To harass another person;
    • To engage in fraudulent activity;
    • To engage in an illegal robocall activity. For this purpose, robocalls are calls made with an auto dialer or containing a message made with a prerecorded or artificial voice and are used for telemarketing purposes or to perpetuate a scam or fraud;
    • Any other illegal activity.

    Disconnection of your subscription to Rainier Connect’s telecommunications service is subject to the requirements of WAC 480-120-172. Please be advised that the Commission’s rule allows disconnection without prior notice in some circumstances and requires prior notice in other circumstances. Those conditions are spelled out in the regulation.

    Service Level/Equipment Requirements

    Rainier Connect will make reasonable efforts to assure that Rainier Connect’s telecommunications service is available to you twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. However, it is possible that there will be interruptions of service. Rainier Connect shall not be liable for interruptions caused by failure of equipment or services, failure of communications, power outages, network failures of other carriers or other interruptions to Rainier Connect’s telecommunications service.

    Rainier Connect shall not be liable for performance deficiencies caused or created by your equipment. You will be responsible to provide the proper installation, operation and maintenance of your equipment using connection with the Rainier Connect’s telecommunications service.

    Further, you need to ensure that the equipment that you use is technically and operationally compatible with Rainier Connect’s telecommunications service and is in compliance with applicable Federal Communications Commission’s rules and regulations.

    Sharing or reselling Rainier Connect’s telecommunications service with another person that is not a member of your family (or in the case of a business , each person is not an employee or co-owner) is considered a theft of service. Rainier Connect’s telecommunications service is intended for the use of one family or one business within a single premise. Sharing of service with other families or other businesses, whether or not you charge them for use of the service, is not permitted.

    Download Policy PDF

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