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    Setup Outlook Express 6.0 Email

    Setup Outlook Express 6.0 Email


    How to setup your Outlook Express 6.0 email client on your computer:

    Outlook Express 6.0

    1. Go to Start>All programs>Outlook Express and click on Outlook Express.

    2. Once Outlook Express opens it will typically display the Setup Wizard (first time setup).  If it does not, choose Tools>Accounts and the Setup Wizard will be displayed.

    3. The Display Name is the name you wish to have appear in the From area of emails.  Use either your name or business name, and click Next.

    4. Enter your full email address in the Email Address field and click Next.

    5. On the next page you have the choice of using POP3 protocol or IMAP.  POP3 will download the emails from the server to the first email account on the computer that accesses the mail server.  This is a good idea if you are using only one computer to access email.  IMAP is best if you access email from multiple devices or locations.  After making this choice, enter the incoming mail server name:  The outgoing server name is also  Click Next.

    6. On the Internet Mail Logon page, type the Account Name, this will be your full email address.  Type in your email Password in the next space.  Choose Remember Password.  DO NOT choose Logon with Secure Password Authentication. Click Next.

    7. You should now see a page that says Congratulations.  Click Finish.

    8. There is some more configuration required before actually using your email account.  To complete the configuration of the email account, go to Tools>Accounts and on the Internet Accounts box choose the email account you have just created.  Click on this so that it is highlighted and click on Properties (on the right side of the box).

    9. You will see a Properties box with four tabs on it, choose the Servers tab.  At the bottom of this page, checkmark My Server Requires Authentication and click on Settings.  Ensure that Use Same Settings As My Incoming Mail Server is selected.  Click OK and then click Apply on the Server page.

    10. Click on the Advanced tab at the top right of the Properties box.  Ensure that the Incoming Port Number is either 110 (for POP3 accounts) or 143 (for IMAP accounts).  The Outgoing Server Port Number should be set to 587.  There should be nothing more check marked on this page.  Click Apply and OK.  This will take you back to the Internet Accounts box.  Click Close on this box.  You should be back to your Inbox.  In order to begin receiving mail, simply click the Send/Receive button at the top of the Inbox and watch the mail begin to populate the Inbox.

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