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    Setting Up Your Voicemail Account on Digital Voice

    Setting Up Your Voicemail Account on Digital Voice


    Setting up Your Voicemail Account

    Setup Instructions:

    If logging into your account for the first time, please follow these instructions to set up your voicemail.

    *Voicemail setup must be done over the phone.

    1. Call the system: (253)262-1222.

    2. Enter the Default PIN:  000000 + #

    3. Create a new PIN and re-enter the new PIN to confirm.  To cancel your PIN setup, press * at any time.

    4. Record a Greeting.  Your personal greeting must be 2 to 30 seconds long.  Press 0 to change your new greeting.  Press # to keep your new greeting.

    5. Record your Name.  Your recorded name must be under 10 seconds long. Press 0 to change your recorded name.  Press # to keep your recorded name.

    Congratulations you have successfully set up your Voicemail Account!

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